Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Room Makeover

Cassidy has been after me for months to re-decorate her room with zebra print. The girl is crazy for zebra print.  I can't really blame her for wanting to change her room since it was originally painted 16 years ago for Gabrielle when she was a baby.

I had Tony add a shelf (with pegs for hanging things) around the whole perimeter of the room. I stenciled Angels above the shelf and painted pink stripes below. It was just right for a baby girl...

In hindsight, I should have stencilled the angels at the top of the wall instead of right above the shelf.

So we started painting over it to get ready to make it Cassidy's room.

Gabrielle helped her daddy paint the primer on as I had a hard time thinking about all my hard work being covered.

After the walls were primed and the bottom half was painted a fantastic hot pink, I started painting the top half with a zebra stripe. Now, I just freehanded this and although it doesn't look exactly like a zebra, it's close enough.  Besides, in my research I found all kinds of zebra print patterns.

Here I am in all my least I didn't still have my nightgown on. LOL!

While I was starting on the zebra stripes, Gabrielle was outside painting Cassidy's old furniture. I wish I had taken a photo of the "before" furniture so you could see the big difference. It used to be sponged with a yellow and white finish. Big change!

We didn't let Cassidy see her room until it was completely finished. Here is her reaction on seeing her new room! How fun!

The big reveal...

I still have to get some accesories to go in it and Tony needs to take up that old yucky carpet. We already have a wood floor laminate to put in there but he needs some help installing it.

Now, Gabrielle is anxious for me to start in her room...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You did a fantastic job Nancy

Christy Tyre (
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tiffanydenison said...

Nancy, I LOVE it!!! Every young girls dream:)