Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cinderella goes to the pageant...

Ok, so it's finally time for the pageant. This was Cassidy's first pageant and I was nervous.  If you know Cassidy, then you know that she is the most tomboyish, ungraceful little girl. To look at her you wouldn't think that she ever brushes her hair so I am hoping that somehow through all this, she will begin to care about the way she looks.  And she did...for a couple of days. Oh, well.

There were only 4 other girls in her age group. Here they all are at the beginning of the pageant.

Of course, the judges had to see the back of their dresses.

She looked beautiful out there although she looked older. She's a tall girl anyway but we had to buy 3" heels so she wouldn't trip over her dress. I told her she looked like Cinderella with that blue dress on.

Guess what? She was 1st runner-up! For a minute there, my heart stopped beating as I thought she might win it but we were thrilled with what she placed. I was very happy for the little girl that won. She looked so sweet and innocent.

Here are all the girls and their title from left to right ( I won't post their names). The winner, second runner-up, fourth runner-up, Cassidy (1st runner-up) and third runner-up.

She was so excited that night, I had a hard time getting her to go to sleep. She even wanted to sleep with her trophy but I convinced her that she might break it while asleep.

I was so glad for it to be over. I am not a "Pageant Mom". I can't handle the stress. I think that took 10 years off my life. LOL!

So now I am caught up through March...still need to post Easter pictures. Stay tuned.

Makeover using Sophia Workshop on the Go.

Our last stop before the pageant was to our local Merle Norman store to have her makeup done. Since I really don't wear that much makeup, I wanted a "professional" to do it. The clerk did a wonderful only request was that she remember that she was only 11 years old and not to put it on too heavy. Cassidy was super excited to finally be able to wear some makeup.

Here she is...all made up. Doesn't she look beautiful? And how do you like her hairstyle? I'll tell you a little secret...I fixed her hair. No...really! I wanted something super simple (for me) but a little dressy. I used a bump-it. I was very proud of it. I have thought about going to Cosmetology School just to learn how to fix my daughters hair but never committed to it. Anyhoo...I'm proud.

And this is last month's Stamp Club layout I made using the Sophia Workshop On The Go kit and these photos

I was wrong in my last post...I still have one more post about the pageant. I got so far behind in my posting when my computer tore up. Sorry for all the posts on top on one another.

Pedicure Time!

The day before the pageant, Cassidy and I went to Rosalee's to be pampered with a pedicure. She tried over and over to talk me into getting her fake nails but failed. I had to remind her that she was only "11" and I didn't think that was appropriate for young girls plus it damages your nails so much. I did let her pick out an electric blue nail polish with glitter. I wouldn't have been caught dead in that shade but I am an old fogey I guess. Anyway, she loved it and her toes were beautiful!

That feels wonderful!


Drying time!

I still have one more post about her first (and hopefully last) pageant.

You have to go through a little pain...

to look beautiful!

Cassidy found out the hard way when she was getting ready for her School Pageant. I took her to have her eyebrows waxed to get rid of her very bushy (almost) unibrow. This was her first time getting her eyebrows waxed. I'm not sure I will be able to convince her to have it done again.

Look how inflamed and red they are!

Miracle WOTG

This is the layout we will be doing this Saturday during my monthly Stamp Club meeting. It was done using the Miracle Workshop On The Go kit. These kits are great because not only do you get plenty of matching paper (24 shees) to work with, they also come with an exclusive stamp set plus some sort of embelishments..  The stamp set in this kit let you make those adorable pinwheels. The embelishment is a package of our Kraft color-ready adhesive borders which you can easily color to match your layout. Did I mention that it also comes with a full color brochure with cutting diagrams and directions? All for the great price of $29.95

I don't know why the picture quality isn't good. I haven't done anything different.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Your Layout: May 2011 Studio J

In this episode of Love Your Layout, learn how to create a beautiful layout featuring you and someone you love in just minutes! It's easy with Studio J®, Close To My Heart's online design software.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

National Scrapbooking Month - You & Me Kit & HALF PRICE Consultant Kit!

Close To My Heart is celebrating National Scrapbooking Month in May with a fabulous promotion! During May, when you…
Place a minimum order of $50, you can grab an exclusive You & Me scrapbooking kit for just $15! Good Golly Ms. Molly—that’s more than half off the retail value of the kit! You can also purchase the kit outright for $34.95 with or without a minimum purchase. It’s a charming kit that you are sure to love. It features two fully embellished layouts, each with their own unique personality, a D-size stamp set, and an instruction guide to step you through the creation process.

As part of our promotion, we’re also offering new Consultants who join Close To My Heart in May 50% off the base price of the New Consultant Kit PLUS a free You & Me scrapbooking kit valued at $34.95! WOOOHOOOO!

Join my team today! Click here for the application!

Watch the video below to see what you can do with this kit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CTMH May Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Wow, it's another month!  I am so behind in posting because my computer had that stupid Windows Security virus (malware, spyware, whatever it's called). I couldn't use it for 2 weeks. I was literally having withdrawals. LOL!

I have lots to tell you about so keep checking back. I promise to post some pictures of Cassidy from her 1st Beauty Pageant also. She came in 1st runner-up. We were so proud.

But now it's time to talk about this month's SOTM D1456 Chairs. I knew I would have to have this set from the first time I saw it back in January.  There are almost 60 consultants participating in this month's blog hop so you should be able to get plenty of inspiration for this stamp set.

Helen Onulak
Kathleen Androlewicz
Katy Donaldson
Susan Brooks
Beth Naumann
Doreen Guilfoyle
Chris Shouse
Tammy Lea Pinchard
Lori Brown
Carla Ironside
Angel Sawyer
Vickie Tagatz
Debra Van Patten
Sheila Bennett
Jill Lucas
Brae Montgomery
Dawn Ross
Teresa Scrivens
Michelle Loncar
Sarita Schraeder
Tamytha Jenkins
Traci Godbee
Mary Eisen
Georgia Hauglid
Krista Ritskes
Angela Tutton
Jen Patrick
Terrie Dodd
Shirley Ross
Kami Welter
Melissa Laverty
Shannon Beck
Teri Baxter
Annette Green
Judy Burger
Haley Dyer
Jen Rubio
Pamela O’Connor
Wanda Riley
Nicole Griggs
Cindy Leek
Dawn Heuft
Adeline Brill
Melissa Robinson
Wendy Fording
LeAnne Dudley
Nancy Brown
Wendy Coffman
Lisa Sargent
Traci Pasqualone
Karen Fullam
Paige Dolecki
Jean McNulty
Gina Brandstetter

Debbie Little