Thursday, October 27, 2011

Powder Puff Football

This is my 3rd post today…just trying to get caught up. Be sure to look down to see all the posts.


Once again, Gabrielle participated in the high school’s annual powder puff football tournament. If was sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of America Club as a fundraiser to offset convention costs for the students. This was their 9th year hosting it. It is always entertaining and this year was no exception.

The games are separated by classes…Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. Gabrielle is a Junior this year.


Her and her friends all have nicknames…hers is Shrek.


Group shot of some of the Juniors on her team.


Pre game photos  











I thought the victory dance was suppose to come after the game?


The Seniors had already won the first game of the night. They defeated the Sophomores with a score of 12-6. The Juniors first game was against the Freshman team. This winner of this game would play the Senior team for the title of champion.

Juniors won!!! Final score 12-0.


They will now play the Senior team but first a little entertainment from the cheerleaders.

They are the highlight of the night! It is hilarious to see these boys doing cheers, dances and stunts. Very entertaining!

The Juniors took on the Seniors for the final game of the night. By that time I was freezing and so I stayed in the stands and didn’t get any pictures of the actual game. I know…bad mother! Well, we won that game also.I thought is was going to be another shut out but during the last half of the game the Seniors scored 2 touchdowns. The final score was 28-14, Juniors! I did drag myself from my ward snuggie to take a couple of last shots.




IMG_1156IMG_1155     Since some of the girls were late getting to the game, Coach Ben told them they would have to do some push-ups after the game. LOL! They didn’t mind…

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