Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chandler has surgery.

My oldest grandson, Chandler, had to have surgery last Thursday on his arm. He broke it at school a couple of weeks ago while playing football with another little boy. When Mark left the Emergency Room with him, they had said that he had only broken one bone and referred him to a bone specialist to have the cast put on. After they took more x-rays, they determined that he had in fact broken both of the bones in his right arm but they were clean breaks and should heal with no problem. The put a bright blue cast on him.


He went back for a follow-up visit  earlier last week to have some more x=rays and discovered that his bones were moving (just like Cassidy’s) and he would need surgery to put pins in his arm. I was heart-broken. Talk about Déjà Vu… He broke the same arm as Cassidy and now was having to have the same surgery as Cassidy.


He was such a brave little boy the morning of his surgery. He was more concerned over the fact that they had put him in a gown where his backside was showing then the upcoming procedure. The surgery was a success! Dr Sasser was able to put pins in his arm instead of having to insert rods like he had to do with Cassidy. That meant less pain for Chandler.


Poor little fellow looked so pitiful right after surgery although later that day her was back to his usual self. Of course he had to deal with some pain during the middle of the night but Ashley said it was bearable. Today, he’s going around like nothing happened. Isn’t it wonderful how quickly kids bounce back from these things?

Meanwhile, Cassidy went back to see Dr Sasser and we will be scheduling her to have her rods taken out during the Christmas holidays. He has assured me that it will be a walk in the park compared to her last surgery. She was in a LOT of pain because he couldn’t get the rod in one of her bones because the bone was sticking into her muscle so he had to make an incision and manipulate the bone from the muscle. He had warned us that she would be in a lot of pain and she was. That was literally one of the worst nights of my life when we brought her home.seeing her in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it.

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