Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cricut Shape-A-Day: 6.7.8 & 9 plus more

Sorry I got a little behind on posting these. It’s been a busy couple of days. Hopefully, you were able to go to Jeanette to see them for yourself. Here are the projects.

Shape-a-Day_06 Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9

As always, you can find the cutting directions on Jeanette’s blog here.

My poor grandson, Chandler broke his arm Friday while he was at school. He and a friend were playing football when he fell on his wrist. I guess now they don’t put a cast on your arm at the emergency room anymore. He will have to go to another doctor on Monday and have them put a cast on it.


It’s a shame it happened in the middle of soccer season. Chandler loves to play soccer and his very good at it.


Yesterday, Gabrielle and I went “antique shopping” with my friend Lisa. We hit a couple of stores in Brunswick and then headed to Jacksonville. We had a blast! In one store, they had several hat rooms and Gabrielle had to try them on. These were my favorite, though. They were made onto a headband. So clever! We had a great time even though we didn’t spend any morey except for lunch.

    IMAG0155IMAG0156 IMAG0157-1


That’s if for now. See ya tomorrow!

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