Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field Trip to Savannah Children's Theatre

Both Gabrielle and Cassidy had a field trip to Savannah to go to the Savannah Children's Theater and learn a quick dance and skit to perform for the parents. Gabrielle had gone last year with Mrs. Moseley's action class and they had such a good time they wanted to go back. Cassidy's teacher Mrs. Paul heard about it from Mrs. Moseley and decided to try it out also.

Since Cassidy's class were third graders, they did skits using Aesop's Fables. Cassidy played a dalmation in her 1st skit and was a red grape in the 2nd skit. The children learn the songs and dances in about an hour and then the parents are invited to watch their performances.

Cassidy as a dalmation dog.

Getting ready to play a sour red grape.

All the kids involved in the skits.

Gabrielle's class went a week later and had been studying about Shakesphere so the skit they performed was based on the life of William Shakesphere. She really enjoys all the silly singing and dancing so she didn't want to be a major character. She ended up having a small speaking part so she would still be able to dance. Who knows, she may be a future Oscar winner.

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