Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

What a wonderful weekend! I hope you were able to spend Easter with your family and/or friends. I know I've been MIA this month but I have been having problems with my gallbladder for a while and finally had it surgically removed last Friday on the 11th. I've been recovering since then. I had big plans to get lots of scrapbooking done but it didn't get done. LOL!

Yesterday, we had our annual Joyner Family Egg Hunt. The day started out dreary with lots of rain but it held off long enough for us to eat lunch and then hunt eggs. We had a great time!

Nana Weada made a special cake for all the great grandkids with "Peeps" added to it.

I thought this tree/bush was beautiful.

Waiting patiently while the adults are hiding the eggs. We had a smaller group this year since my cousin Jason and his family weren't able to come.

Chandler being silly, looking at his prize egg.

On Sunday, Cassidy was participating with the Youth group and put on a drama about the Crucifixion of Jesus. My oldest daughter and my grandsons traveled from Brunswick to join us along with my mother. It was a beautiful and touching service.

It has been a very blessed weekend indeed!

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