Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Begining To Look Alot Like Christmas...

I have been such a slacker blogger here lately. This post was suppose to be posted the weekend of the 15th and it never happened plus I haven't posted any other Christmas posts this year. BAD Blogger!

Well, here you go...I warn you there are lots of pictures and I will try to post some other Christmas posts also.


I have finally finished decorating for Christmas!

I'm not sure why it was such a CHORE this year but it's done. And just in time for Christmas with Ashley's family. They will be leaving next week to go spend Christmas in Ohio with Mark's family so I decided to have Christmas early at my house for them and the boys complete with a full Christmas dinner. I wanted it to feel special for them.

Here are some pictures of the living room/dining room decorated.

I have two trees set up in my room. This is one that my boss gave to me last year after Christmas. It was made using a tomato cage. Here it is without the lights on...

And here it is with the lights on. I love this tree, it was so much fun to decorate it.

Remember these Dollar Tree hurricane vases I made last year? I love how they look with different colored ornaments in them. You can see how I made them here.

I have a thing for Santas. I bought this fellow from ABC Distributing several years ago. He originally was made to go in the bathroom and hold a roll of toilet tissue but somehow we have lost the dowel that went with it. I thought he looked great holding this sign.(He might have been cuter had I written the number of days before Christmas on the chalkboard).

And here is my wreath I also made last year from Dollar Tree ornaments. You can see that post here also.

I am not very happy with the way my hutch is decorated. I'll have to try and find some good deals on pretties to go in here after Christmas.

The table is set for dinner!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to run out at the last minute and pick up some mini stockings. LOL!

This is my original tree on the other side of the room. This poor tree is on it's last leg and will have to be disposed of after this year. I had to "tie" up several branches on the bottom to the upper level so you could see the tree skirt. It was dragging!

This year I decided to put the deer in a Christmas mood also. I don't think my hunter was very impressed but I figure if I've got to look at those monstrosities, then at least they need to make me smile.

Before dinner, I fixed some Grinch Punch especially for the boys but it was a hit with everyone.

Dummy me forgot to take any pictures of our dinner! It was a wonderful dinner with my Mama's recipe for cornbread dressing, black-eyed peas, candied yams and of course...turkey roasted chicken. There was a slight problem with the turkey but we don't need to get into that. Hehehehe!

After dinner, the boys couldn't wait to open their presents.

Pop had gone outside and brought back in these 2 switches for the boys. Of course, they had no idea what they were for but thought they were great and even tried to take them home with them later that night!

Every since "Elfie" made an appearance at their home, Davis has wanted an Elf that he could actually touch and cuddle with (if he touches or plays with Elfie then he looses his magic). This was the best gift of the night for him.

After opening all the presents, we played a game of Hedbanz with Chandler. Wow, Ashley is really aggressive with her questions.

It was a great night and although I'm going to miss them at Christmas, we still have some wonderful memories.

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