Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We had the annual Joyner Family Easter Egg hunt yesterday at my Aunt Carol’s house. This has been a tradition for many years that was started by my Uncle Harold and Aunt Carol. All the kiddos love to go to the egg hunt because he always had several prize eggs with MONEY in them. I’m talking eggs with $5, $10 and $20 in them.  Heck, I was wanting to hunt the eggs also. LOL! He passed away several years ago and he is missed very much but Aunt Carol has done a great job in keeping it going along with his son, Jason.
After a delicious meal,it’s time to hide the eggs. Here are some of the kids anxiously waiting inside.
04-04-001 006
And here they are patiently listening to the boundaries before they are let go. No…Gabrielle is not actually hunting eggs, she was just being silly and had to get in the shot.
05-05-001 009
Here’s some pictures of Cassidy gathering eggs…I didn’t get that many of her this year. I concentrated on the grand's since Ashley wasn’t able to stay and watch. She was at the local clinic with suspected Strep throat but luckily it wasn’t.

Cassidy did find one of the $10 prize eggs but it was burning a hole in her pocket so bad, it didn't last long!

07-07-001 012
08-08-001 013
Here’s Chandler.  I had a hard time getting pics of him because he was speeding all over the yard finding eggs.
And here he is with a basket full of eggs. I had to make him stop long enough to empty his basket because he was dropping them as fast as he was picking them up.
17-17-001 027
Davis was running around like a chicken with his head cut off also although not as fast as Chandler.
I had to actually make Davis stand still long enough for me to get a photo with his basket. He was happy to oblige hence the face.
25-25-001 037
Here is some other shots from the day…
19-19-001 029
23-23-001 033
 24-24-001 036
22-22-001 032
Here is Gaby with my sweet great niece, Skylar. She is the oldest daughter of my nephew, Jonathan and his wife Christy. Isn’t she adorable?
03-03-001 005
  And here is my newest great niece, Charlie Anna with Cassidy. She is 2 1/2 weeks old and today was the first day we got to see and hold her. She’s adorable also!
I was hoping that Ashley would get to see and hold her because I wanted her to  get “baby fever”. LOL!
26-26-001 038
Here is my goofy nephew, Jonathan acting silly. Love ya Johnny!
18-18-001 028

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