Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Decorations

I had all intentions of really going ALL-OUT this year as far as decorating for Easter/Spring but unfortunately I didn’t get it all done. It wasn’t because I ran out of time…it was more that I ran out of enthusiasm
I did manage to get some done so I will show you that. It all started when I was going into consignment shops looking for Gabrielle some suits for her play. I spied some PINK salad plates for !.50 each. Now I don’t know if that is a good price for them or not but I loved them so I snatched them up envisioning a pretty pastel table setting for Easter.
From there I found some light green plates at The Dollar Tree along with some baby blue tins that I stuffed with Easter grass and some Easter Eggs on sticks that I also picked up from The Dollar Tree.. This is what it looked like all together.

14-001 063
.19-001 068
18-001 067
I think they turned out pretty cute! The only problem it that I was only able to get 4 of the pink plates…that’s all they had. :( The rest of the table was decorated with a pair of bunnies I picked up from either Family Dollar or Dollar General. They were only $3.50 each and were adorable. I added some hanging styrofoam eggs (also from The Dollar Tree) to a tree my mother gave me. The Dollar Tree had some other frees also but they were smaller and I wanted something a llittle bigger.

15-001 064 16-001 065  17-001 066 
I put the extra eggs I had leftover into 2 pink tins that I bought from…you guessed it, The Dollar Tree. The chair covers are bunny faces but I forgot to take a picture of those.

13-001 062
Remember the hurricane vases I made back in the Fall? I decorated them for Easter also. I put some plastic eggs in a glass cheese dish that I bought from Princess House years ago.

11-001 060 12-001 061

I bought a glittery sign from Family Dollar for the wall. My intention was to make a wreath with some pastel colored eggs and hang it in the middle but I never got around to it. The carrot tree and the carrots were purchased from The Dollar Tree.
10-001 05920-001 069



27-001 080

  On the other side of the room, I put some flowers from the dollar store in a Princess House pitcher. I love the look of flowers in the home but I have a BLACK thumb so I have to go the artificial way.


I saw a great idea on Pinterest showing a chocolate bunny sitting on top of malted Easter Eggs in an apothecary jar. I did that also and every time my grandson, Davis came to visit he would stop in front of it and just drool but he never ate one.

23-001 07824-001 077
One night after my 3 day fast I was craving chocolate something fierce…’nuff said. So instead of chocolate easter eggs, I had to fill the bottom of the jar with Easter grass.

My last project  was another Pinterest inspiration but I can’t find the link. Using the “My Peeps” stamp set from Close To My Heart I created some “art” and put it in a black frame. I’m not 100% in love with it, I think it needs some more tweaking. Sorry about the poor quality photo…I couldn’t get a pic without a glare on it.

28-001 081
Well, that’s all I finished before Easter. My china cabinet sits bare even today.

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