Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sneak Peek...If A Man Answers

Have I told you that my daughter is in the Spring Production play this year?

What? Two or three times already...

I can't help it, I'm just so proud!

Tonight after Church, Cassidy and I were able to see a small preview of tomorrow night's performance.  All I can say is you better be there when the doors open. It's fantastic... and I'm not just saying that because Gaby is in the play.

Mr. Martin was gracious enough to let me take some pictures while I was there in return for giving him a copy. I just wanted to let you see a glimpse of the performance. I didn't want to give it all away so I am only posting three pictures.

Party scene


Is she going to kiss him???

They will be performing for the next three nights at the Kay Cagle Auditorium.  The cost is $7.00 per person and the curtain opens at 7:00 pm. I hope you can come and see it but don't worry if you can't. I will be posting lots of pictures.

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