Monday, March 5, 2012

If A Man Answers...

Okay, I have to brag a little bit about my daughter, Gabrielle.

Around two months ago she auditioned for her high school's spring production play called "If A Man Answers". Although her oldest sister was involved in the Drama Club when she was in high school and participated in several One-Act competitions, Gabrielle never seemed to want to try out even though she has been telling me that one day she would be an actress in Hollywood. There were always excuses why she couldn't do it so I just assumed she wasn't that interested after all. After auditions were over, she got a part in the play...the LEAD part!

She will be playing the character of Chantal Stacey who gets herself into quite a pickle in her search to find a husband. Chantal's character is in every scene of the play, Gabrielle had to learn over 500 lines. She has about 13 or 14 costume changes (most of which we had to purchase). She even has to KISS her co-star 5 or 6 times during the duration of the play.   Imagine how well that went over with her Dad!

All the kids have been practicing 4 nights a week for the last two months, sometimes until 10:00 o'clock at night but all that hard work will be worth it when they hear the laughter and applause. The play opens on Thursday night with encore performances on Friday and Satruday night.

Our local newspaper ran an article to promote it and Gaby ended up on the FRONT page! One of her friends came by during rehearsals last week and took some pictures for the paper but she's not extremely happy with the picture he chose to have printed. LOL! This is the article from the Sunday paper.

This morning, Gaby and three of the other students portraying her mother, father and husband, along with the Drama director, Mr. Martin were invited to our local radio station for interviews about the play. Of course I went along although they couldn't understand why I was there taking pictures of her on the radio. Obviously, their parents don't scrapbook!!! Lol!


I also took a video with my phone and hoped to be able to post that also but when I replayed it later, to my horror, there was NO sound. I couldn't understand why and kept trying to turn up the volume but with no luck. Finally, I checked the video settings and it was set to record with no sound. Now I'm sure there must be times when you might want to videotape something without any noise but why would it be set as a default? Hmmm...I wonder if Cassidy has been playing with my phone?

Oh, well.

Thursday night is opening night and I plan to be there (with camera in tow and perhaps my video camera also) to cheer her on. I have every intention of being there all three nights.

Who knows...she may be the next Angelina Jolie..but hopefully without all the crazy tattoos.

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