Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I made something I pinned on Pinterest!

It’s no secret…I am addicted to Pinterest! I just love it! But aside from the fact that I can “shopping” for all kinds of expensive things without spending any money, it has also renewed my home decorating “bug”. My house is in need of some home improvement but I have a hard time getting Tony on board with some of my projects I would like to have done. And then there’s the money aspect…we don’t have any extra at this time in our life.

So, I have gotten very excited about some decorating posts I have seen on Pinterest that are very “frugal”. And by frugal, I mean cheap! I saw a beautiful wreath made using shatterproof ornaments bought at the dollar store and I knew this was right up my alley..

Here is what I got from The Dollar Tree. I bought about 5 sleeves of large  sized ornaments, 3 sleeves of medium sized ornaments and 2 sleeves of small sized ornaments. I kept them all in the red, green and gold color scheme but varied the finish on them. Some were shine, some were matte and some were glittery.


The next step was to actually hot glue all the tops to the ornaments so they wouldn’t pop off. Gabrielle helped and it didn’t take hardly any time at all once we got in the rhythm of it. Once that was completed, I had Tony undo a wire clothes hanger so I could thread the ornaments onto it. He didn’t get the concept so I ended up having to get another hanger and undo it and form a circle with it. Then Gabrielle started threading different sizes and colors onto the hanger using the smallest ornaments to fill in gaps.




I had to let Gabrielle do that part because I had a little problem with dong it randomly. It would have taken me all night to finish it since I had started over two times before I decided to let her do it.

This is what it will start to look like as you are working on it…


Once you have the hanger full, connect the ends back together. This part was tricky for me because I had mine very full. Hang it with a ribbon or bow and you are done.


Here’s the finished product hanging on the wall above the hurricane globes I made from the dollar store.


I didn’t use all the ornaments (mostly the smallest size was left) so I used them in my globes along with some gold jingle bells I also got from The Dollar Tree. I love how they look!


These were also inspired by a pin on Pinterest and they are so easy to make. Just get a 3 large glass vases from The Dollar Tree and 3 glass candlesticks, some sticker remover and an adhesive that works with glass and dries clear.


If you didn’t understand my precise (lol) directions, you can click here for complete detailed instructions to make the wreath and here to make the hurricane globes.

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