Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Makeover using Sophia Workshop on the Go.

Our last stop before the pageant was to our local Merle Norman store to have her makeup done. Since I really don't wear that much makeup, I wanted a "professional" to do it. The clerk did a wonderful only request was that she remember that she was only 11 years old and not to put it on too heavy. Cassidy was super excited to finally be able to wear some makeup.

Here she is...all made up. Doesn't she look beautiful? And how do you like her hairstyle? I'll tell you a little secret...I fixed her hair. No...really! I wanted something super simple (for me) but a little dressy. I used a bump-it. I was very proud of it. I have thought about going to Cosmetology School just to learn how to fix my daughters hair but never committed to it. Anyhoo...I'm proud.

And this is last month's Stamp Club layout I made using the Sophia Workshop On The Go kit and these photos

I was wrong in my last post...I still have one more post about the pageant. I got so far behind in my posting when my computer tore up. Sorry for all the posts on top on one another.

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