Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cinderella goes to the pageant...

Ok, so it's finally time for the pageant. This was Cassidy's first pageant and I was nervous.  If you know Cassidy, then you know that she is the most tomboyish, ungraceful little girl. To look at her you wouldn't think that she ever brushes her hair so I am hoping that somehow through all this, she will begin to care about the way she looks.  And she did...for a couple of days. Oh, well.

There were only 4 other girls in her age group. Here they all are at the beginning of the pageant.

Of course, the judges had to see the back of their dresses.

She looked beautiful out there although she looked older. She's a tall girl anyway but we had to buy 3" heels so she wouldn't trip over her dress. I told her she looked like Cinderella with that blue dress on.

Guess what? She was 1st runner-up! For a minute there, my heart stopped beating as I thought she might win it but we were thrilled with what she placed. I was very happy for the little girl that won. She looked so sweet and innocent.

Here are all the girls and their title from left to right ( I won't post their names). The winner, second runner-up, fourth runner-up, Cassidy (1st runner-up) and third runner-up.

She was so excited that night, I had a hard time getting her to go to sleep. She even wanted to sleep with her trophy but I convinced her that she might break it while asleep.

I was so glad for it to be over. I am not a "Pageant Mom". I can't handle the stress. I think that took 10 years off my life. LOL!

So now I am caught up through March...still need to post Easter pictures. Stay tuned.

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