Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Celebration

We celebrated the 4th of July actually on Saturday, July 3rd by going to Screven to see their fireworks. We go just about every year and sit in the same spot. Although the South has been going through a sweltering heat wave, the temperatures dropped for a few days during the holiday to make it pleasant.

This is our usual "family photo".

My 15 year old, Gabrielle with her new short haircut.

They had a emergency helicopter fly in a field nearby for anyone to look at. Here, Cassidy was sitting in it but we had to assure her several times that he wouldn't take off with her in it.

Like I said, we sit at the same spot every year but we have to get there early in order to make sure we have a spot for my sisters and their families also. After securing our "spot" we went to get something to eat. Tony found out they had turkey legs and the rest is history.

Gabrielle and Skyler

Skyler and Gramms. She was amazed at the fireworks and keep saying "See that?".

Skyler's parents, Jonathan and Christy.

We always put a blanket on the ground for all the kids to lay on once the fireworks start.

And here are some of the pictures of the fireworks I took!