Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

Here are some pictures of our house and the girls on Christmas Eve. I just couldn't get in the Christmas spirit this year no matter how hard I tried. Gabrielle and Cassidy decorated the tree after I had a mini-meltdown. LOL! I couldn't get the lights on the tree evenly and was about to just take them all off when my daddy came to the rescue. Tony called him and asked him if he would come do it for me. How sweet!

Here is Cassidy in her Santa rocks shirt with a guitar on it. Doesn't she look cute?

And of course, Gabrielle had to play around with the Santa hats. There is a story to this hat. Before my oldest grandson was born, I was determined not to be called "granny", "grandma" or any other old sounding names. I chose to be called "Precious" and my mother found this hat and got it for me. I know, what a silly name! It didn't matter in the long run as my son-in-law always called me "Scrappy" since I was always scrapbooking and it just kinda stuck. Now both my grandkids call me that and I love the name!

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