Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gaby graduates! Warning...lots of pics

My middle daughter, Gabrielle, graduated last weekend! It was a very hectic weekend with mixed emotions. Although I was very proud and happy for her, I also had a slight bit of sorrow that she was growing up and leaving us to start her new life.

Honor's Night

On Thursday, she was invited to Honor's Night. This is reserved for students who have excelled in their grades, SAT scores or attendance. It is also for students who have been awarded scholarships.

She received a $5000 scholarship from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) that is good for the next four years. Total scholarship....$20,000! Wow!

With her younger sister, Cassidy.

Commencement Ceremony

On Friday night, we had the Graduation ceremony  outside at the Jaycee Stadium.  This was the same place that I graduated at some 30+ years earlier. It turned out to be a beautiful day even though we were scared earlier in the week of rain. It wasn't too hot either but the sun was on my back so that might have helped some.

My sisters..Vicki and Nadalie and of course my adorable grandsons.

Her oldest sister, Ashley and my son-in-law, Mark.

Her friend Jameson was Salutatorian.

Wiping a tear away while listening to Jameson's speech.

Receiving her Diploma from the School Superintendent.

High fives!

My mother had to come in a wheelchair because she had bursitis in her knee.

Those boys sure love their Gaby.

Getting a hug from Ashley.

Her Daddy was so proud!


Aunt Tonya (Tony's sister) and Trevor

Aunt Nadalie (my sister)

Aunt Vicki (my sister) and Uncle Mark

Aunt Johnnie Ruth

Church Recognition

Our Church, Crossroads Church of God recognized the Graduates on Sunday. Pastor Smith preached a great sermon that morning and then they were presented with a gift from the Church...a new bible.

Later that day after the evening service, we had a reception for them. Each graduate had their own table to decorate.

I included several scrapbooks on Gabrielle's table including the "I Hope" album I made for her graduation present. I will post pics of that soon.

Since she wants to become an actress, I made this really quick to be the centerpiece of her table.

Church members would drop of cards or gifts for the graduate during the reception. Our church motto is...It feels like family and it really does.

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