Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Band Concert

Cassidy and I headed to the high school auditorium last night to listen to some wonderful music from some very talented kids. It was the Spring Concert for Gabrielle's middle school band. Each grade had their own band and played 3 or 4 arrangements. Earlier this year, Gabrielle had told me that she was tired of being in band and wanted to get out after this year so I assumed the Spring Concert would be my last time getting to see her perform. But about a month ago she changed her mind and decided to stick it out to experience at least one season of marching band. I am so glad. I was in band in high school and played the flute. I really enjoyed it although I didn't like having hat hair afterwards. LOL!!!

During the concert I realized that I didn't have any pictures of Gabrielle with her instrument so after the concert I asked her to stand still so I could take one. Oh boy, you would have thought I was asking her to balance the budget! So here is the picture I got. She's gonna love this when she get older!

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